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2016 FIAT 500e OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2016 FIAT 500e in Spring

“Single And In The Fast Lane.”

  • 121 MPGe City/103 MPGe Highway Ratings
  • 9.1-Second 0-60 Time
  • Driving Range of 84 Miles
  • EPA Estimated Fuel Consumption Rate of 30 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) Per 100 Miles
  • 24-kWh Liquid Heated and Cooled Lithium-Ion High-Voltage Battery with Four-Mode Thermal Management System
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FIAT 500e Dealer in Spring

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2016 FIAT 500e performance


This lithium-ion battery is full of benefits—like holding its charge. It has no memory effect, which means that you do not have to completely discharge the battery before recharging, so as not to reduce battery life. And lithium-ion batteries can handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles. Just as important, the battery includes a system that actively heats and cools the battery to maintain its optimal operating temperature. The high-voltage lithium-ion battery is covered by an 8-Year Limited Warranty.

2016 FIAT 500e performance


Even though this vehicle is electric, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to drive. Just get in and test it for yourself. The electric-drive motor is simply a device that uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy or movement. Electric motors use electrical energy to spin. The FIAT® 500e uses an 83-kW electric-drive motor that delivers 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque.

2016 FIAT 500e performance


The FIAT® 500e powertrain is 100% electric and composed of three main components: an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, a high-power electric-drive motor and a power inverter module to help manage power flow. Using electricity to fuel the vehicle, you need a piece of technology called an inverter to do the job. It works a bit like a fuel pump in a conventional gas-powered engine, but in this case the fuel is electricity stored in the battery pack of the FIAT 500e.

2016 500e APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2016 FIAT 500e appearance


The FIAT® 500e flaunts specially designed, lightweight cast aluminum wheels and features a wider rear wheel stance that allows for better handling. It comes with low-rolling resistance all-season tires that help increase “miles-per-charge” distances. Choose from the following wheels: 15-inch Argento painted aluminum wheels with Nero inserts or 15-inch Nero painted aluminum wheels with Arancio Elettrico inserts, available with the eSport Package.

2016 FIAT 500e appearance


The FIAT® 500e incorporates several aerodynamic features that are designed to help provide an excellent overall vehicle range. These include a specially-designed rear spoiler, a lower front fascia and mirror caps, along with underbody enhancements that help optimize airflow management underneath the vehicle. In addition, the spoiler, side cladding and rear fascia also help reduce drag.

2016 FIAT 500e appearance


Let your environment in and enjoy the world in all its splendor. The available power sunroof features vent, tilt and slide positions. The express (one-touch) opening and closing feature offers additional convenience. With the ability to operate in two separate modes, the sunroof can tilt upward at the rear for ventilation or slide rearward for a full opening. A manual-sliding sunshade covers the deep-tinted glass panel and helps keep unwanted heat and light out of the interior.

2016 FIAT 500e appearance


Complete your FIAT® 500e with a range of accessories from Mopar®. Whether you need a roof mount for your next adventure, stylish accents for the exterior or a dash of personal style to add to your keys, be sure to check out the line of available authentic FIAT brand accessories.

FIAT 500e COMFORT Comfort Icon

2016 FIAT 500e comfort


The FIAT® 500e instrument cluster features a new 7-Inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display with full color graphics and a wide range of customization. It delivers real-time information including displays for audio, speedometer, compass, fuel economy, Navigation, tire pressure monitoring, state of charge, maintenance notifications, engine performance and more. Benefit from a state-of-charge indicator (with progressive color indication), a driving behavior gauge (with dynamic real-time feedback) and configurable (U.S. or metric) digital speed indicators. You will enjoy these simple, direct and easy-to-use controls.

2016 FIAT 500e comfort


Six high-performance speakers, seven-channel custom equalization, a series digital amplifier and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio with one year of service are all included on the FIAT® 500e. Radio features include AM/FM radio station presets, radio seek functions, MP3 functionality, an auxiliary input to support external audio sources and a USB port to support media play. Steering wheel-mounted audio controls help to make operation of the system convenient.

2016 FIAT 500e comfort


The FIAT® 500e battery must be periodically recharged. A Level 1 (120-volt) charger comes standard with the vehicle and needs to be plugged into a dedicated electrical outlet. An available Level 2 (240-volt) charger, which can be installed in your home, is also commonly found at public charging stations. In California alone, over 1,000 public charging stations are available at workplaces, cafés and other locations. Please refer to our map below for public charging stations near you. Charging time depends on the current battery level and the type of charging device. The Level 2 charger can recharge from empty to full in less than four hours while an on-the-go Level 1 charger will give you an average of 9 to 10 miles of range for every three hours of charging. It will bring you to full battery power in less than 24 hours. An industry standard SAE J1772 Coupler is used for Level 1 and Level 2 charging.

2016 FIAT 500e comfort


Easily charge your FIAT® 500e at home to full battery capacity in less than four hours. FIAT Studios sell the 240-volt Level 2 Home Charging Station to help power your FIAT 500e in the convenience of your home for $999 (equipment only). You can have the equipment installed for $1,999. Electrical utility costs may vary depending on your location. For more information, call 1-888-CIAO-FIAT. For charging station support, call 1-888-899-6235. We are here for you!

2016 FIAT 500e SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon


Basic Limited Warranty 4 Yrs/50,000 Miles  •  Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty 12 Yrs/Unlimited Miles  •  Roadside Assistance 4 Yrs/Unlimited

2016 FIAT 500e Safety Main Img
2016 FIAT 500e safety


Protected by seven airbags, including advanced multistage driver and front-passenger airbags, a driver’s knee airbag, full-length side-curtain airbags and front seat-mounted pelvic-thorax airbags, you can rest assured that you and your passengers will stay secure. A steel safety frame reinforces the passenger compartment with high strength materials in order to help absorb energy and redirect it away from passengers in the event of a collision, helping to reduce the risk of injury.

2016 FIAT 500e safety


Hill Start Assist is part of the Electronic Stability Control system. Hill Start Assist helps the driver in launching a vehicle on an incline. It helps maintain brake pressure for a short duration once the driver’s foot is taken off of the brake pedal. If the driver does not apply the throttle in a few seconds, the system will release brake pressure.

2016 FIAT 500e safety


Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps you maintain directional control of your FIAT® 500e under challenging conditions. Using strategically placed sensors throughout the car, ESC helps determine the direction you are steering and compares it to the direction the car is actually traveling. If it senses a difference between the two, it applies selective braking and may reduce engine torque to help guide your vehicle back on to your intended path.

2016 FIAT 500e safety


The FIAT® 500e has an audible pedestrian warning system that uses distinctive sounds to help ensure the safety and security of other road users. The warning system is automatically activated when selecting drive or reverse. In drive range, at approximately 22 mph, the warning is silenced until the vehicle speed returns to approximately 20 mph. The audible warning system uses an in-car sound synthesizer with a speaker located in the engine compartment.

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