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2017 FIAT 500e OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2017 FIAT 500e in Spring

“Ugliness is the Worst Form of Pollution.”

  • 121 MPGe City/103 MPGe Highway Ratings
  • Driving Range of 84 Miles
  • EPA Estimated Fuel Consumption Rate of 30 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) Per 100 Miles
  • Electric-Drive Motor with 111 HP (83 kW) and 147 LB-FT (200 Nm) of Torque
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FIAT 500e Dealer in Spring

FIAT 500e PERFORMANCE Performance Icon

2017 FIAT 500e performance

A Natural Fit

The FIAT® 500e features a rear spoiler that helps increase aerodynamic efficiency and adds style and flair.

2017 FIAT 500e performance

Advance Navigation And More

The GPS Navigation System on the FIAT® 500e helps keep you focused on the road ahead and get you to your planned destination with ease.

2017 FIAT 500e performance

Responsible Power

The FIAT® 500e powertrain is 100% electric and composed of three main components: an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, a high-power electric-drive motor and a power inverter module to help manage power flow. Using electricity to fuel the vehicle, you need an inverter to get the job done. It works a bit like a fuel pump in a conventional gas-powered engine, but in this case the fuel is electricity stored in the battery pack of the FIAT 500e.

2017 500e APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2017 FIAT 500e appearance

15-Inch Aluminum Wheels

Roll in style with your choice of aluminum wheels. The FIAT® 500e come standard with 15-inch aluminum wheels that keep you going. 16-inch wheels are standard on the FIAT 500 Abarth and available on Lounge. And 17-inch forged aluminum hyper black or bronze wheels are available on Abarth.

2017 FIAT 500e appearance

One Speed Fits All

Unlike a traditional transmission, the single-speed gearbox transmission directs the output from the electric-drive motor and provides calibrated gear reduction. Lower electric motor input speeds, decreased battery usage and more efficient use of vehicle energy with increased torque output capacity are a few of the benefits this transmission provides.

2017 FIAT 500e appearance

Skies Wide Open

Take in the view. The available one-touch power sunroof can tilt from the rear for ventilation or slide rearward to provide a full opening.

2017 FIAT 500e appearance

Good Riddance Gas

Even though this vehicle is electric, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to drive. Just get in and test it for yourself. The electric-drive motor is simply a device that uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy or movement. Electric motors use electrical energy to spin. The FIAT® 500e uses an 83-kW electric-drive motor that delivers 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque.

FIAT 500e COMFORT Comfort Icon

2017 FIAT 500e comfort

Eco-Chic In The Modern World

Because we love design as much as we love the earth, we created the all-electric FIAT® 500e. The 2017 FIAT 500e is 100% battery powered and yields zero tailpipe emissions without compromising style. Ugliness is the worst pollution of all. With its Italian styling, instant torque, strong and smooth acceleration and aerodynamic bodywork, the FIAT 500e is environmentally sexy. The FIAT® 500e is available only in California and Oregon at select FIAT dealers.

2017 FIAT 500e comfort

Clear The Way

Style and functionality come into play with the fog lamps on the FIAT® 500e. Beautiful bulbs illuminate the road to help make your ride easier when it gets harder to see.

2017 FIAT 500e comfort

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio

Experience out-of-this-world sound. An Alpine® Premium Audio System with six high-performance speakers, seven-channel custom-equalization, a series digital amplifier and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio with one year of service are all included on the FIAT® 500e. Radio features include MP3 functionality, an auxiliary input to support external audio sources and a USB port to support media play. Steering wheel-mounted audio controls make operating the system extra convenient.

2017 FIAT 500e comfort

Heated Leatherette Seats

The FIAT® 500e offers seating that is designed for exceptional comfort. Featuring leatherette trim, the reclining front seats are heated and include a memory feature that remembers the position of the seats. So you only need to set them once. Distinctive headrests and an easy entry pull handle are also included.

2017 FIAT 500e SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon


Basic Limited Warranty 4 Yrs/50,000 Miles  •  Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty 12 Yrs/Unlimited Miles  •  Roadside Assistance 4 Yrs/Unlimited

2017 FIAT 500e Safety Main Img
2017 FIAT 500e safety

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist is part of the Electronic Stability Control System. Hill Start Assist helps you when launching a vehicle on an incline. It helps maintain brake pressure for a short duration between the time you release the brake pedal and step on the accelerator. If you don’t apply the throttle in a few seconds, the system will release brake pressure.

2017 FIAT 500e safety

Get A Better Look

A bright and beautiful exterior is complemented by heated power exterior mirrors that come standard on the 2017 FIAT® 500e. The exterior mirror caps are designed to help reduce the vehicle's drag coefficient.

2017 FIAT 500e safety

Shine On

Steer clear with circular bifunctional halogen projector headlamps and daytime running lamps that feature high-tech bulbs.

2017 FIAT 500e safety

Electronic Stability Control

Using strategically placed sensors, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) compares your steering input to the direction your vehicle is actually traveling. If it senses a difference between the two, ESC applies the brakes to individual wheels automatically and may reduce engine torque to help you maintain directional control under demanding or adverse conditions.

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